Wasp Trap

Asked September 18, 2019, 8:28 AM EDT

What is the habitat of the "paper wasp"-(?)-the solid black stinging insect? We started with the TERRO wasp trap and were going through the bate quickly as it seemed to evaporate in the heat. So we tried making our own trap, learning the bate is sugar water. It worked well! Almost too well We are emptying dead flies, moths and a variety of hornets and wasps every 3 days. My problem is the solid black stinging insect does not seem interested in the sugar water and continues to haunt my gutters, windows and porch. Can you help educate me on this matter regarding the elimination of stinging insects?

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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Do not worry about this. In general paper wasps are not aggressive. If not a threat to you leave them alone. They are beneficial as they feed on many pest insects. This time of year they are looking for food like protein - other insects. They are not interested in sugars. Do not use the traps. If you get flies in the traps, they will turn into maggots and this will be a mess to clean up.

They will dieback with the first hard frosts and the queen will overwinter elsewhere. Here is more on paper wasps and management if need be https://extension.umd.edu/hgic/paper-wasps