Sansevieria samurai

Asked September 17, 2019, 6:08 PM EDT

I’m new to having plants and I’m trying to learn and I actually got this plant on a whim. I bought it and noticed it had these issues and when I tried to look this specific sansevieria up I didn’t find much on it. So any help with tips would help. But to the problem it has a brown sunken spot on on side of its leaves & on another it just seems like the leaf is dying I guess I’m not sure what is wrong with it or what to do so any help would be great because I do like the plant and want to hopefully keep it alive!

Renville County Minnesota horticulture sansevieria

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My guess would be a fungal leaf spot disease. The Sansevieria species are mostly trouble-free, but they can get leaf spot diseases. These kinds of diseases are caused by a too moist environment. Don't allow the plant to get wet and don't overwater. Make sure the pot drains well. Read here: