Yellowing/drooping in Korean spice viburnum

Asked September 17, 2019, 3:25 PM EDT

My Korean Spice viburnum is about 4 years old and this July and last July I began to notice the leaves yellowing, curling and drooping so that they hang down as if wilted though not lacking water. More “Fall like” color changes as it progress but the leaves stay on. After last year’s problem I was surprised to see that it bloomed very well this spring. I have another KSP about 25 feet away from this one, only a couple of its branches are yellowing or 10% of the plant and more definite black spots can be seen on its effected leaves. The one I sent the picture of is in a wetter situation, a gutter drain pipe is under grounded near it and the soil is heavy as it is near the foundation and construction rubble/ soil. No bugs are apparent on either. An Arrowwood Viburnum hedge I have is unaffected. Is this some sort of virus that I should be applying Neem oil or something? Thank you!

Johnson County Iowa

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Hi, you will want to send this email to the Plant and Insect Diagnostic clinic at You can also call them at 515-294-0581