Best late bloomong daffodils for Baltimore

Asked September 17, 2019, 12:46 PM EDT

I am using daffodils for a memorial for a friend who died on June 11th. Which daffodils are best to come up the latest in spring , closest to this date. I know it depends on the weather but I am hoping they might still be blossoming around this time. Any advice you can give me about the best daffodils and how best to plant and care for them would be appreciated. This will be a whole neighborhood and beyond planting. Thank you so much.

Baltimore Maryland

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We do not have specific varieties to recommend. There are many species and varieties to choose from as well as colors, sizes, and bloom times. You will have to look for the late season cultivars. Availability may be an issue unless you order from an online source or catalog.
Here is some information on daffodils