Balcony Herbs

Asked September 17, 2019, 1:54 AM EDT

I just moved here from the northern midwest. My wife and I live in a third floor apartment in Oregon City with lots of afternoon sunlight. I am interested in growing some herbs for cooking. What are some herbs that would grow well this time of year on our balcony? Should I start from seeds or try to find small plants?

Clackamas County Oregon herbs container gardening

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Herbs growing on a balcony garden is a great idea, though without a specific publication to offer you, I can only point you some directions for more research. (Trial and error is also the basis of gardening for many of us.) Information on gardening in containers is useful. Here are some basics: Because the days are shortening now, I suggest plants over seeds to begin with. Which herbs? You will need to find some evergreen choices. It will be cold and dark with our gray rainy days, so plants won’t be growing fast. Shop local nurseries and visit with staff about the options they offer. I can’t guarantee you’ll have great success in our climate. Here’s some information on growing herbs indoors. You may find your plants need to be under indoor lights to actually produce before spring returns.