Planting a grove of trees

Asked September 16, 2019, 10:55 PM EDT

I would like advice on planting several trees - a variety?- in the middle of my back yard where there is now dead grass

Larimer County Colorado

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Hi ! You did not say why the grass in your backyard is dead, but the first thing I would suggest is that you do a sprinkler audit, if you have a sprinkler system in your back yard and get any broken sprinkler heads repaired before you even begin to plant trees there, or decide how you will water newly planted trees. Even xeric plants need water for at least the first growing season in order to get established. Secondly, you didn't say if you are looking for shade, screening, flowers or fruit or what benefits you are hoping to gain from planting trees. You should decide what you want and choose any trees accordingly. You should also measure your space where you are looking to put these trees, and then choose a tree or trees that will fit within this space at mature height and width without crowding each other out. There are several planttalk articles and Fact Sheets available on the CSU Extension website that deal with small deciduous trees, evergreen trees and shrubs for Colorado, xeric trees and shrubs, as well as the science of properly planting trees and shrubs. In order to make an informed decision, you should decide how much space you can give for any trees planted, and then decide if you want a deciduous tree (sheds leaves in the fall) or evergreen (for example a conifer, such as pine, spruce, juniper or fir), if you want something that flowers, and produces edible or ornamental fruit. Then I would suggest going to the CSU Extension website and finding some trees that provide the benefits you are looking for, and checking out your local nursery to actually look at the tree or trees you are considering to see if you like the form, color, fruit or blossoms of the tree. Here is the link to the website where you can start :
Look for the heading Trees, General and look for the Plant Talk or Fact Sheet articles that interest you. (Evergreen trees for Colorado landscapes, Deciduous Trees, Small Deciduous trees, for example)