Weed (Perennial?) Identification

Asked September 16, 2019, 4:09 PM EDT

Hello, My flower beds are inundated with this plant and I would like to know its name. I’m thinking it is a weed but perhaps it is a perennial I am unaware planting. Native pollinators are attracted to it (native bees, wasps, bumble/carpenter bees) but it doesn’t seem to be attracting the three hives of honey bees my son keeps in our yard. I don’t want to pull them as I know this time of year is difficult for pollinators to find nectar sources but it is also taking over my flower bed at a frantic pace. Thank you for any information you can provide Best Regards, Pam Geraghty

Harford County Maryland

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Good morning. This is called beefsteak plant (Perilla frutescens). It is a terribly invasive plant that is out-competing our native plants, especially in some riparian (stream) areas. Here is more information about it. https://www.invasive.org/alien/pubs/midatlantic/pefr.htm

It is an annual plant that spreads by seeds. Pull them out and discard them in the trash before seed dispersal.



Thank you for the information. I will pull them out today and dispose of in the garbage as suggested. My coneflowers will be happy as that is what is trying to grow in that flowerbed but was being squeezed out—and the honey bees will be happy, too, as they love the coneflowers.

Thanks again,