Carolina allspice

Asked September 16, 2019, 2:44 PM EDT

I have the soil test results ("Shrubs" Soil Test Report for Jolene Shrake "allspice area" (Aug 29, 2019, #72B29N)) . Could you please tell me the name of some products that fit what has been suggested: the slow release, water insoluble nitrogen, urea nitrogen 46-0-0. I can't find any listed on the internet.

Oakland County Michigan

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If you are asking for products other than urea (46-0-0) there is blood meal 12-0-0 which is sold be many different companies. With 12-0-0 you would apply 1 to 1 1/2 lb per 100 square feet. The amount given in this range is considering whether the plant is growing poorly. The low range for a plant that has had good growth in past years and the higher range for a struggling plant. For the higher amounts divide into two fertilizations about a month apart in spring, if the shrub is surrounded by lawn. Applying the higher amount to a lawn around the base of this shrub may burn the lawn if done in one application. Urea is also available through many manufacturers online. 9-0-0 corn gluten is sold as a lawn fertilizer but can be used for this purpose as long as there are no weed killers in the fertilizer. I was able to find all of these on the internet for sale and some are likely found in garden center in your county.