Really small leaves

Asked September 16, 2019, 2:35 PM EDT

Many of my outdoor plants have been getting small leaves. My dogwood is 1/2 way brown and diseased looking. 1st pic. My lavender has extremely small leaf regrowth. 2nd pic. And my Japanese maple tree has a milky film on the leaves. 3rd pic. Please tell me why this is happening. Thank you.

Harford County Maryland

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We do not think that your issues are related.
We think the regrowth of your lavender looks promising and healthy, but isn't mature yet.
Your Japanese maple looks kind of par for the course at this time of year. Many plants have leaves that are tattered and tired-looking. Japanese maple leaves are delicate and though there are signs of old, perhaps mechanical/ wind damage and minor leaf spot disease, they look o.k. We suggest you offer watering if there hasn't been much rain in your area lately. Make sure they go into the winter without any damage from drought.
Your Kousa dogwood looks concerning, and perhaps in an advanced state of decline. Has this been on-going in the last few years? Has there been any soil compaction, vehicle traffic or digging around the root area?
Any chemicals applied to weeds or grass nearby?
We can't tell you what exactly is going on. This page shows some possibilities:
Kousa don't usually have many problems with pests or diseases, so these all have to do with environmental or cultural problems. Be sure to check our planting too deeply and mulching too deeply as they can kill trees over time.
The 'legs' of your tree are lovely with the peeling bark, which offers multiple season interest so we wouldn't be in too much of a hurry to remove them, but this page helps homeowners decide when it may be time to remove a tree: