Grass in Vegetable garden

Asked September 15, 2019, 4:25 PM EDT

After receiving 4 hail storms in 2018 I gave up on my vegetable garden. This was going to be a good 2019, but I fought the grass in the garden so bad that I could not keep up with the weeding. I"m thinking of spraying the whole thing and burning before it all this fall. What recommendation do you have?

Morgan County Colorado

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Thank you for your question. The challenge of grass is that it spreads in two ways. First, it sends out underground rhizomes which ‘pop up’ and create new blades. Second, if not mowed, seed heads are created, which release the seeds to overwinter and germinate in the spring. So it is really a two-headed problem. You need to make sure grass in the area the seeds can be blown from—not just the garden bed—are eliminated. But you must also dig out the rhizomes AND install some sort of underground barrier to prevent them from growing back in. Many gardeners used raised bed gardens just so they can create these barriers, such as strong plastic ‘fences’ or heavy plastic, that are buried to keep them out. In general, the deeper the raised bed, the less risk they will invade. Burning will not destroy rhizomes; the heat may kill the seeds. Here is an Extension article with other advice: Good luck!