Wild vine

Asked September 15, 2019, 11:19 AM EDT

My neighbor has a wild vine growing aggressively across his shrubs. It is a very aggressive growing plant. He is wondering if it is poisonous and will need special precautions in removing it. Besides cutting it to the ground, what can be done to prevent it from coming back?

Howard County Maryland

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Looks like wild grape vines. They are not toxic in any way. Actually, they produce wild grapes that wildlife need.

To kill the vine, cut it back to the ground and keep it cut back religiously. It will continue to put out new shoots for a while, until the stored energy in its roots is exhausted. So, do not let it put out leaves which will resupply the roots. Stay after it.

You can also apply a bit of glyphosate herbicide to the newly cut stubs or spray the foliage. Early fall is a good time to do this.