Shrubs for Denver

Asked September 14, 2019, 6:56 PM EDT

What Nine Bark would you recommend for a city garden in Denver which gets partial sun (mostly hot afternoon) and regular to somewhat moderate water? I like the size, 8 to 10 ft, and the darker color of some Nine Barks. Or is there something similar that you would recommend over the Nine Bark?

Denver County Colorado

1 Response

The above CSU fact sheet, #7.422, discusses native shrubs/plants in Colorado. Among the shrubs mentioned is the "mountain ninebark" which will thrive in Denver. There are other shrubs listed in this fact sheet that would also thrive but you may want to google each of these to see what colors are displayed and which would fit your preferences for color. Some of these listed shrubs will have berries and may not be your choice for the area you are planting. A ninebark with white or coral flowers during the blooming season is a beautiful shrub and would be my first choice for its deep leaf colors.