Need ID of new weed in Bethesda,Maryland

Asked September 14, 2019, 5:06 PM EDT

A new weed invaded my lawn earlier in the spring. It grows in dense patches and quickly crowds out a fescue lawn. The patches are turning yellow/orange as we move through mid September. This weed is showing up in many lawns in my neighborhood.

Montgomery County Maryland lawns and turf weeds plant identification japanese stiltgrass stiltgrass bermudagrass

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The top two photos are Japanese stiltgrass, a foreign invasive weed grass which has been in the US. for about 20 years but has exploded in the past year. As much as it is a scourge in home landscapes, it is extremely damaging to parks and natural areas because it grows in shade and outcompetes the plants that our native wildlife evolved needing to survive.

Here is our webpage on dealing with it: