Grassy Lawn Weeds

Asked September 14, 2019, 3:50 PM EDT

Do you know what kind of lawn weed is shown in the attached photo? This year I see a lot of them in my lawn. Is there any way that I can eradicate them? Are these annual or prenial? Thank you in advance for your help.

Oakland County Michigan

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This is looks like a tall fescue or orchardgrass. Both are perennial. ID of grasses requires close inspection of the various small parts with a hand lens.

Here is a good site for identifying and control options.

This is the control for orchardgrass:

“Because orchardgrass has a fibrous root system but does not spread by rhizomes it can be possible to physically remove the offending clumps. It may be necessary to monitor the area in order to remove any regrowth that may occur

Selective Application of Non-Selective- Wicking glyphosate onto orchardgrass leaf blades can be very effective due to the growth rate of orchardgrass exceeding that of the surrounding turf. Spots may also be control with target applied grass herbicides like fluazifop, clethodim or sethoxydim.

Use caution when applying as these herbicides will kill any grasses they come in contact with.

Selective Control- There are no selective chemical control labeled for orchardgrass removal.

Disclaimer:Always read, understand, and follow the label directions. Mention or exclusion of specific products does not represent an endorsement or condemnation of any product by Michigan State University.”

If you can look at the small details, like the auricles and the ligule, and be sure it is tall fescue, there is a selective herbicide for use in a Kentucky bluegrass lawn. This control is not for use in a lawn of mixed cool season turf because if t will kill perennial rye. See the ID keys tab and the control options tab here:

Tall fescue can be managed similar to orchardgrass, as well.

For help with ID, dig up a clump keeping roots intact, and include any seed heads if possible. Contact the Oakland County MSU Extension Garden Hotline, to determine when you can take a sample in for ID. They help with plant ID for a small fee.

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