Lace top hydrangea with changing color of flowers

Asked September 14, 2019, 1:41 PM EDT

I have several lace top hydrangea that are in a shady location. When they begin to bloom in early summer they are a light purple color similar to that in the attached photo. By mid to late summer they are still blooming but they are no longer a purple color but rather a light green/cream color. They are still blooming even now (9/14) and are still the green/cream color. Any idea why this is happening?

Montgomery County Maryland

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Hydrangea flowers last for months after they open and gradually change colors over that time. Eventually they fade to a light buff shade. We're not sure if you're referring to flowers that are going through a normal color change, or new blooms just opening now.

It would be helpful for us to see photos of the flowers.


Sorry for taking so long to reply. Thanks for your explanation. I didn't realize (and was obviously not paying attention) that the blooms that come early just stay on and fade in color. I know this happens with the oak leaf hydrangea we have but somehow thought the lace top kept blooming. I am attaching a photo that I just took that shows the current color/condition. Are the number of actual blooms on each flower head in the picture (looks like about 6-10) typical? Thanks again.