Small flowers

Asked September 14, 2019, 1:55 AM EDT

Hi. I brought my morning glories inside in early September this year. They are now in the south facing window, but get only 2 to 3 days of sun as most days have been rainy or cloudy. I water them every 3 days when the surface of the soil looks dry. The humidity is 60 in the room and there is no fan. I open the window occasionally when its hot. Anyway, a week after I brought them in that, the leaves began to turn yellow and fall and the vines are getting thinner. But there are new blooms and leaves only much smaller in size. One of my morning glories was only size of a quarter coin. Before the were twice as big. And my vines are becoming bare. Will my flowers become big again? Will my vines grow new leaves in spots where leaves once were? Why is this happening? Thank you.


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A few factors to consider:

  • the plant is transitioning to indoors, so it's not unusual for some leaves to yellow;
  • not enough light - morning glories thrive in full sunlight;
  • like moist but not soggy soil;
  • need a warm temperature - 65 to 85.
Attached is a website with information for growing morning glories which might be helpful.

I'm not sure you will have the same kind of growth as you did outside, unless you can mimic these conditions. It might be possible to keep the plant alive through the winter, so you can transplant in the spring in warm weather.