Parllor palm

Asked September 13, 2019, 9:42 AM EDT

We have several parlor palms located in our church - the majority of the leaves are turning brown - in the middle are two new leaves soon to open - can these plants be saved? We rotate them out into the sunlight periodically - but for the most part they are in very low light

Wayne County Michigan

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It is likely the humidity and moisture level is causing the brown leaves. Palms like evenly moist soil and moderate humidity.Do the leaves show any other symptoms, such as turning an off color, before they turn brown? Be careful not to expose indoor grown leaves to too much sun, as they are not able to tolerate many hours of direct sun. Small insects, like spider mites, can cause a yellowish, speckled, or grayish color.

The new leaves in the center will expand if you continue good care, control any insects, fertilize and water, according to this link- check the points outlined here-

You may send pictures and leaf samples ( some should be still green or transitioning from green to brown) to MSU Plant Diagnostic lab for an exact diagnosis and recommended treatment. See for instructions and the fee schedule.

Consider hiring an Indoor Plant Service to come on site and get the plants healthy again. It may take just a single consultation. Search the internet for these(MSU isn’t permitted to recommend retailers or brands)

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