What is this?

Asked September 13, 2019, 12:27 AM EDT

I live in Houston in an apartment that I keep very clean When it gets dry out these guys come in my apartment. They dont fo for the food and when it rains I don't see them for days. Is it a roach or something else?

Harris County Texas

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This is a cockroach, but not the common German cockroach usually found in apartments, restaurants, etc. It looks like something that would have come in from outdoors. They may be moving in during periods of hot dry weather, looking for moisture. Should not be a long-term or big problem. https://citybugs.tamu.edu/files/2017/12/Cockroach-Biol-and-Mngmt_ENTO-037_2017.pdf

Thank you. They are, again, not infesting and make good playmates for/with my cats. We recently had rain and I saw none but now that it is out and dry they are back.

Does pest control help or should l just leave them alone (meaning, do they offer any value to economic structure?).

An outdoor insecticide applied to foundation and around the bottom of doorways might help, but this can easily be DIY. Personally, I would just leave them alone.