Termite control for drywood termite

Asked September 12, 2019, 6:13 PM EDT

Hello I have a cabin on my property that has termites (family: kalotermitidae). The termites are located in structural beams of the roof. The roof was improperly constructed and these beams were wet, rotten and apparently full of termites. The beams are being replaced with treated lumber and the roof is being re-done to reduce moisture. I am reading that for these types of termites (possibly dampwood rather than subterranean) the best treatment is simply to replace the wood. Does anyone know if insecticide treatments are recommended or necessary in my situation? Thanks!

Benton County Oregon

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Removal of the infested wood is the best course of action. Dry wood termite infestations are usually smaller than subterranean and replacement of the structural beams is required. You could treat the newly installed non-pressure treated wood with a borate based preservative, if you desire or have concerns about re-infestation.
There are many brands of borate based preservatives out there. Some include: Bora-Care, Tim-bor, and PenaShield. It is possble to purchased and apply these on your own, just be sure to follow the label for application and safety measures.

I would suggest contacting a professional to inspect the structure to assure that all the infested material has been removed. They can also suggest a borate based product and do the application, if you are interested.