Weed that can’t be killed

Asked September 11, 2019, 7:04 PM EDT

This spread weed is immune to both Ortho weed be gone and Ortho weed and grass killer I’ve tried digging it out. It has very shallow roots but keeps coming back. Can you let me know what it is and how to eliminate it. Thanks

Washtenaw County Michigan

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From the photo it looks like its liverwort which is actually a non-vascular plant related to moss and algae. It's not controlled by use of pesticides. Its presence is due to the condition of the soil, i.e. probably has high moisture, maybe is compacted, etc. so the best suggestion is to fix your soil. Here is an extension resource that explains this more:
http://ccenassau.org/resources/moss-and-algae-controlling-in-the-lawn Here is also an earlier response for a similar question: