bush just died, water pours into base

Asked September 11, 2019, 1:36 PM EDT

I have (had) two dwarf blue spruce either side of the front porch of my house that I planted three years ago. One of them sudden turned browned over a one week period and appears to have died. Since we are in a draught, I tried watering it, but no amount of water that I provide is sufficient to cause run off; the water just goes down the center of the plant and disappears. I'm planning on replacing this plant, but I'm concerned this will happen again.

Jefferson County Kentucky

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When plants die that quickly it is because of something traumatic in the environment, usually too much or not enough water while the plant was alive. Disease and insect issues do not cause almost instant death.

The excessive amount of rain we received all through 2018 thru June of 2019 set up many plants to fail, especially after the extended 90 to 95 degree temps and drought we have had. As for water not running off the area, check to see if it is running under the porch, side of home or other close structures. The area may need a soaker hose to slow drip water on to that area.

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