Planting a green low maintenance lawn.

Asked September 11, 2019, 11:04 AM EDT

I am going to be planting grass seed around our house since we corrected the grade. I will also be overseeding the rest of my lawn. The soil is primarily sandy. I am interested in planting a seed mix that is drought , disease resistant, shade tolerant, and is a nice shade of green. You are probably thinking that you would be a rich person if you had the perfect answer. I mow a couple of acres and don’t want to be a slave to the maintenance. Thank you for your time. Joe Torre 810 597-5741

Lapeer County Michigan lawn care drought resistance grass

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Please look at the website and search lawn maintenance. There are several articles that have the answers you seek. If you are looking for a recommendation of the name of a product we are not allowed to name products. Cutting high, fertilizing and getting a soil test are all good ideas.