Rising Sun Redbud problem

Asked September 10, 2019, 4:30 PM EDT

I planted my tree in 2018 and it was beautiful! Spring 2019 it flowered out and absolutely still beautiful, then my husband sprayed for weeds and the mist killed all the leaves on the tree. I was so sad but I decided to wait until next year to replace it. Now the tree is growing from the ground like crazy BUT the leaves are all green and no variations of yellow or orange. Any idea if this is temporary or just another Redbud like I already have.

Ingham County Michigan

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would you be able to attach a photo?

Since the new growth is coming from the base of the tree, I suspect it has reverted back to the "parent" red bud from which it was hybridized. As you may know, there are many different red bud cultivars and to get the yellow-leafed red bud cultivar, cross-breeding was probably done. I would recommend you cut down the dead trunk to the level where you see green wood. Then watch for new growth next year and perhaps it will appear on the trunk. If it does, you will want to cut all of the growth coming from the bottom.
You will want to prune it in spring after it flowers to re-shape it and that also may encourage new growth.
Hope that helps.

Thank you so much. I will try what you suggest. I'm surprised the new growth is almost 5 feet tall. Wish me luck. Again, thank you!