Berries not producing

Asked September 10, 2019, 11:16 AM EDT

I cut back bushes in fall to ground.spring came and everything looked great buds came and little fruit came and never matured plenty of bees.i would appreciate some help thanks

Nassau County New York

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I am assuming these are a primocane type raspberry variety? I can not see the fruit very well in the pictures, but it looks like they are present. Are the fruit decaying before they ripen? In your area, depending on the variety, I would not expect these to ripen until September. Another possibility is that birds or other predators are eating the berries as they mature. Honey bees are not needed for raspberries, so that is not the problem. If you send a close-up of the fruit we may be able to better diagnose the problem. If you leave a portion of the canes to overwinter, they will produce fruit in early summer.

See this site for more information:

The pictures are much better now. So there are a number of causes of abnormal or poor fruit set. Here is a good description of them all:

Poor pollination can cause "crumbly fruit". In this area we typically have plenty of native pollinators, and this is rarely a problem.

More common causes include insect feed from tarnished plant bug or a virus.

Virus will also cause some distortion of the leaves and often will stunt the plant. Unfortunately virus infected plants must be pulled- they will never recover.

Are you telling me all plants must be pulled out they are not stunted at all. Is their some kind of produce that I could treat them with. I want to thank you for your help thanks again

It is hard to diagnose a virus based on pictures alone- particularly when there are not many visual symptoms displayed. In this case, it may be some type of insect injury since the plants do not appear stunted at all. I would recommend leaving the plants and seeing how they grow out next year. The only way to really know is to submit a sample to the state plant diagnostic lab for confirmation. The website for the lab in your state is: