Best Type of Lawn Grass Seed for Sussex

Asked September 10, 2019, 10:27 AM EDT

The front of my yard is a sunny area. I do NOT want to re-seed with Tall Fescue. What are my other options for a grass seed to put down in mid-September. Is Zoysia an option? Thank you.

Sussex County Delaware lawns and turf

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The best grass for the Sussex County area is tall fescue. The link below lists the varieties that are recommended. The link also lists other grass types that can be considered.

As you can see tall fescue is preferred. It does require care especially adequate watering and treatment. Other grasses are not as tolerant as the tall fescue.

There are products sold as Delaware Mix and they contain a variety of seeds. Typical would be a mix of Kentucky Bluegrass, tall fescue and a ryegrass.

Zoysiagrass is a stong grass for hot weather but is very invasive and may cause trouble with neighbors. It must be planted in the late spring or early summer since it goes dormant in the fall. The following is copied from the link above.

Zoysiagrass - This is the only warm-season grass grown as a lawn in Delaware. Zoysia is easy to identify because its leaves are covered with stiff hairs. It remains brown well into the spring and turns brown again with the first fall frost. Zoysia is very invasive and is often a bone of contention between neighbors. The most logical place for zoysiagrass is at a beach residence where it is viewed only during the summer.

Where growing grass is a problem an option is to have more mulched beds with perennial plants, shrubs and trees. This reduces the grassy lawn area and lessens the need for lawn chemicals. In any case a soil sample is recommended.

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