Is this a bed bug?

Asked September 9, 2019, 10:43 PM EDT

Just moved into a new apartment and they are crawling out of all the light fixtures! Realized the uncleaned ones in the kitchen had dozens. Building manager called a PCO but given she says all the units have these bugs that doesn’t give me high confidence the person will be truthful

District of Columbia County District of Columbia

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We can assure you that these are not bed bugs. They look like some type of dermestid beetle. There are many different species but include some that can be found in homes like carpet beetles or larder beetles. They feed on proteins. And because they are coming in through the light fixtures, the ceiling, apartment, or attic above needs to checked by an experienced PCO for things like dead animals, etc.... Spraying an insecticide will not work. Finding the source of what is drawing them needs to be found and gotten rid of.
You want to vacuum them up and dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag outdoors. The following are two links from our website:
If you can send clearer photos we can look at them again to better id them for you.
When we enlarge the photos they become too grainy for us to see any detail.