Asked September 9, 2019, 3:53 PM EDT

I am having major aphid issues on my rose bushes, cannabis and rhododendron which I have never had this bad of a problem with as this year. I definitely have never had aphids on my cannabis before. I have tried dish soap it is not working well enough...

Josephine County Oregon

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Aphids on most plants can be controlled well with either Safers soap or Neem oil. The problem with using dish detergent is that it is not formulated to be an insecticide, so you don't know what concentration in water will be effective. Both Safers soap and Neem oil are considered soft on beneficial insects and organically registered products that have specific instructions on the label to get the correct concentration in the solution. These products have been formulated and tested to be effective. I would recommend using either of these. This time of year as temperatures cool and the rainy season begins will make it unlikely these problems will continue.