Cherry and blueberry permaculture

Asked September 9, 2019, 6:41 AM EDT

What variety of producing cherry tree would you plant here in Jessamine Co as part of an edible landscape at home? Also, what companion plants would you plant with it to deter specific pests (without pesticides), attract common pollinators, and add appropriate nutrients to the soil? Likewise, what variety of blueberry bush work well here, also for part of an edible landscape?

Jessamine County Kentucky

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The North Star and Jubileum tart cherries don't have very many pests. North Star will probably be more productive based on one Kentucky growers experience while the Jubileum may not have as severe a bird problem as North Star. Planting a mulberry tree (Illinois Everbearing is a good hardy variety) that ripens its fruit slightly before the tart cherry will tend to slow down bird losses if the tart cherry tree is not netted. Also, placing a bunch of the Dollar Store bright yellow rubber snakes in the tree has done a great job of chasing the birds away for one home cherry grower. Patriot is a fairly good blueberry variety that ripens earlier in the season, which helps avoid spotted wing drosophila in the fruit. Ozarkblue is a mid-season variety that does well for a second variety to provide for cross-pollination. Patriot has some Phytophthora root rot resistance. Blueberries require an acid soil with a pH of 4.5-5. Don't plant blueberries until you have confirmed that your pH has been lowered. Blueberries require planting on a raised bed into which peat moss has been incorporated, irrigation and wood chip mulching around the plants to survive here. Get a soil test through your County Extension Office and adjust your soil nutrients and pH accordingly before planting.