Oak tree

Asked September 8, 2019, 6:42 PM EDT

Sorry Nancy, but you sure gave the wrong answer to the problem caused by the oak twig pruner.

"Hello, Without seeing the tree and the branches that fall, I would suspect that this is probably due to squirrels nipping the branch terminals off for use in nesting. They always nip off more branches than they can use this time of year, and actually do not use them if the drop all the way to the ground. This branch clipping loss will not harm the long term health of the tree. My best, Nancy"

Jefferson County Colorado

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I apologize for the vague and incorrect answer. It is always best to have a picture or a sample in to the Clinic. We do have a regular problem with squirrels in Delaware, pruning branches and stripping bark.
There are Cerambycid beetles that will bore into twigs and they are called oak twig borers. You can see ends with holes and circular patterns.

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