Boxwood Blight

Asked September 8, 2019, 5:38 PM EDT

Hello. How much of a problem is Boxwood Blight in Maryland? I'm interested in boxwoods for their deer resistance but was told at a local nursery that this has become more of a problem this year. If I planted them in my yard, the site would be fairly shady. Thanks.

Howard County Maryland

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Hi -- Boxwood blight has become a big problem in some areas of Maryland. We have seen quite an uptick in confirmed cases of it over the last year. That said, there are some varieties of boxwood that are considered resistant to the disease, and researchers continue to develop new varieties with resistance in mind. ('New Gen' is a resistant cultivar that is expected to come on the market in a year or so but may not be widely available for a few years.) Keep in mind that disease "resistant" does not mean "immune." The resistant types can still get the disease, just not as bad. Please refer to this publication for the best current information on boxwood blight and how to manage it in a home landscape.