Monkey puzzle tree

Asked September 8, 2019, 4:33 PM EDT

My monkey puzzle tree one of its branch turn brown it is the lowest branch and the lower stem but all my tree is green and I notice as will on the lowest stem white glue please I need to save my tree

Outside United States monkey puzzle tree

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Than you for writing about your monkey puzzle tree. We may be able to advise you with some additional information.

  1. Please send a photograph of the tree including the base of the trunk where it meets the soil. Also, a photo of the "glue".
  2. How long ago was the tree planted?
  3. Where are you located and what has the weather been like through the summer.
  4. When did you notice the limb begin to die?
  5. Is the rest of the tree healthy?

I planted 1year ago or 2 I didn't remember exactly but no more than 2 years , I located it in the middle of my garden I live in south west England but the summer in this year was hot and I have to admit that I didn't water it enough like I used to but now I water it so I don't know what can I do to save this tree ,amal

Dear Amal,

Thank you for the photos and additional information on your monkey puzzle tree. It is difficult to tell from the photos, but I see a white spot just above the branch that is brown. This may be sap forming over a wound. The wound may have affected the branch. I would not prune off the branch unless it becomes limp or dies.

I am more concerned about the health of the trunk and roots. It appears that the tree is planted rather deep. Normally there is a flare at the bottom of the trunk just above the roots. This flare should be above the soil surface otherwise rot may set in. You might gently dig around the base with your fingers to see if the flare is buried. If so, it might be best to dig up the entire tree and replant it higher.

Be careful not to over-water the tree since this, too, can cause the roots to rot. Generally, deep watering less frequently is better than daily "sprinkling". Once or twice a week (if there is no rain), use a slow drip and water until the soil feels damp about 2-inches below the surface. The water should not puddle.

If the browning continues to get worse, please write again.