Mimosa Trees Too Young To Bloom But They Have Seed Pods (?)

Asked September 8, 2019, 4:30 PM EDT

9/8/19 I have some Mimosa seedlings which I dug up from my yard. They are now about 12" tall. I have read that Mimosas generally need to be about 10 feet tall to bloom, and they need to bloom in order to form seed pods. My seedlings appear to have seed pods, but they have not bloomed. Can you confirm that these are seed pods and how that could be? Thank you very much. Photos herewith.

Shannon County Missouri

5 Responses

Is there little yellow blooms? It looks like it from the pictures. If it has yellow blooms, it is not a mimosa. It may be a partridge pea.

9/16/19 Thank you for your response. I do not have yellow flowers, but have compared my photos to Partridge Pea photos on the internet and there is a very close resemblance, including the yellow discs.

If there are seed pods, it has bloomed at some point. Watch for the flowers to see what they look like. That will help to determine what the plant is.

9/20/19 Thank you for your helpful response.