Bell peppers are not producing fruit.

Asked September 8, 2019, 2:04 PM EDT

I started organic gardening 3 years ago, since then health of the vegetables have started declining. For example , bell peppers that are planted three months ago have not producing fruits. Flowers opens up and falls off from the plant next day, leaves look rusty , patchy and curls in almost all of the plants. I have used a lot of different type of compost for the soil and and organic fertilizers last three years. Soil texture has improved but I have other issues came up.I have attached the picture and also added another picture that belongs to mustard green, leaves have powdery white spots. I have noticed root knots in tomato roots and eggplants last year, most likely due to nematodes that came with composted soil. I have used neem oil and thyme extract for treatment. It appears to help for reduction of root knots but this year these issues popped up. Not sure what fungicide I need to use, I am in the point that I will be start using chemicals to get rid of plant or soil problems.

Tarrant County Texas

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You do seem to have a lot of different things going on. My first suggestion is to take a soil sample and send in tot he lab. You can go to to access the paperwork and see how to do it. You would need to wait and send it in till the soil has had a minimum of 45 days without and fert or other treatment to keep from skewing the sample. If you want to stay organic then you might consider over seeding your beds with Elbon Cereal Ryegrass this month and then tilling it under in spring. It will help control root knot nematodes and is very inexpensive and well as organic and allows you to return nitrogen tot he soil.

You might want to watch your watering and try to water at the base of the plants if at all possible, open up the bed a bit and try to increase the air flow? Hopefully your rotating crops as well in your beds to help control pests? There are several fungicides both organic and inorganic, just pick and use according to labels. I think a soil analysis and improved watering will help you greatly though!!