Canning previously frozen food

Asked September 7, 2019, 9:00 PM EDT

I have been looking online and cannot find concise information regarding canning previously frozen food or recipes. I have a chest freezer filled with frozen veggies and fruit from this summer that I want to can because I'm moving and can't bring my chest freezer with me. Any help and directions would be greatly appreciated!

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You will need to follow the same directions for your frozen produce that people normally follow for fresh produce.
The quality of the canned frozen fruits and vegetables will NOT be what you expect. The texture of the product will be softer and mushy. The reason for the quality issue is when produce freezes the water in the cells expands and breaks the cell walls. This is the reason when you thaw produce you are left with pile of cell structure and a lot of liquid. Before you start canning you will need to wait for the frozen produce to thaw. When taking the measurements for the canning recipes, you will measure the solids and the liquid from the frozen product.
To insure a safe food product you have to follow the same directions as you would, if you were canning fresh fruits and vegetables.
Just because the produce was frozen you cannot take short cuts when pressure canning the vegetables.
I am sorry but you are in for a great deal of work canning the frozen product.