Moles and Rhodies

Asked September 7, 2019, 5:24 PM EDT

Can Rhodies die from being around a tunneling mole? I have a rhododendron that has been dying branch by branch this summer. It lives in an area where there is an active mole. In fact, the mole placed its "love chamber" at the base of this plant in the spring. As usual, I tried to put the large amount of dirt back into the hole, and then the plant started dying. Now the plant is half dead and there is a mole hill directly below the rhodie. Can tunneling moles be the problem?

Washington County Oregon

1 Response

The short answer is that, yes, shrubs can be killed by root disturbances such as those caused by rodents. I'm unable to make a site visit to determine if your plant is too far gone to be worth trying to save. I do have an article from OSU Extension about moles.