How to kill wasp or prevent wasp eating the pears?

Asked September 7, 2019, 3:16 PM EDT

There are a lot of wasps to eat the pears. I bought the pesticide from Home Depot to kill them. But it did not work well. Thanks a lot.

Baltimore County Maryland

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Hi, yellow jackets and other wasps, as well as bees, are mad for the sugars provided by overripe fruit this time of year. You can control an individual wasp nest with an insecticide but you can't prevent wasps from flying in to feed on the overripe fruit.

European pears must be picked when they are still quite firm and background color starts to turn from green to light yellow. You'll also see the lenticels (breathing pores) start to darken on fruit skins. Store them indoors in your refrigerator or coolest location in your home. They ripen when brought to room temperature.