Blue Spruce

Asked September 7, 2019, 2:38 PM EDT

We have several Blue Spruce here in Westminster that appear to be dying from the bottom up. One is dead about 3 feet up and the other one is dead on one side about 4 feet up. Is this a treatable disease or just old age? Our neighbor has four Blue Spruce that are dead much farther up than ours and he is going to remove them completely. We would prefer to save ours if possible. Suggestions??

Carroll County Maryland

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Here is some information. This past season we have received many questions on decline of blue spruce. In general, they are not really well suited for our area as they are native to climates further to the north. Blue spruce are susceptible to fungal diseases when stressed due to poor site conditions, drought, etc. such as
Cytospora canker
and Rhizosphaeria needlecast.

For the above diseases all you can do is prune bare branches during dry weather and keep the trees well watered during dry periods. No fungicides are recommended. Also, here is our blog post on blue spruce