Question Regarding Spider Bite

Asked September 7, 2019, 11:31 AM EDT

I don’t know who else to ask but am hopeful that by beginning with your organization, I can get an answer. I think I was bitten by a spider at the end of this past April. At least that’s my best guess. It turned red, was slightly swollen, had a little round white “pimple” inside of it, and had two black spots on top of the bite.
The bite was somewhat painful for about two weeks and I experienced an occasional burning sensation from it. It healed after a month but left a faint scar. I never experienced any further trouble from it.
Two nights ago, I was awaken by an intense itchy sensation at the bite mark and scratched it vigorously for a few minutes. I was half awake at the time so didn’t give it much thought, and fell back to sleep. The following morning, I noticed that the site of the bite mark from April had turned red, was slightly swollen, and again had another white “pimple” inside of it. [there were no black spots on it]. I had a brief burning sensation but that feeling disappeared within minutes and by the end of the day, the redness/swelling/pimple had disappeared. The bite mark now looks like it has for the past 4 months – there is simply the scar from it.
I am very curious as to why the bite would “resurface” after 4 months, then disappear within 8-10 hours. It strikes me as bizarre. Can you explain this to me?
Thanks very much,
Becky Estep

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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Hi - I recommend that you see a doctor about the symptoms you are experiencing. We are not medical professionals and cannot provide any information about this. Sorry, we cannot help.