After Fire Blight

Asked September 6, 2019, 10:58 PM EDT

Had a beautiful apple tree cut down today as it died from fire blight. It had been infected for a couple years and finally completely died this year. It was close to the house. The tree was removed and the stump was ground. What kind of tree can be replanted in the same spot that won’t be effected by anything left in the soil and remaining wood chips? Would like a flowering tree that doesn’t get too big but I’ve heard most are susceptible to this same disease. The house faces north and the area is shaded all morning. Thank you.

Wayne County Michigan

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Check out Serviceberry for filling your preferences. Flowers nicely and the earliest berrying tree, also called Juneberry. Bluebirds, robins, catbirds and cedar waxwings are some of the birds you would see feeding on it. Some, such as 'Autumn Brilliance' have nice fall color. No serious disease or insect problems or insect problems and tolerant of most soils. Read more here:

Black gum is another handsome tree. Look around in other landscapes for trees that catch your eye. Here are more suggestions:

Good luck!