Nothing is growing!

Asked September 6, 2019, 12:50 PM EDT

I was able to grow corn, raspberries, beans and marionberries. In May I added bumper crop to each bed - I am using four raised beds that are approximately 8 x 8. I also planted zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes and pumpkins and have produced nothing! I have a drip system - the soil does not appear to be over or under watered. My hunch is that it could be lack of pollination or a soil deficiency. Help!

Benton County Oregon

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That's a great hunch. I'd start there too.
Assuming that your garden is in full sun for six or more hours a day, taking a sample of soil to your Extension office (4077 SW Research Way, Corvallis) or purchase a kit to do a test at home would be a great first step. Sometimes it is fluffy planting mix - with no nutrients - that is the issue. Once you know what may be missing from your soil you can address that for next year. There are also charts that describe the best Ph for different vegetables to prosper. Ask for them when you drop off your soil sample.
Also, observe: Are deer eating the flowers? Do you see flowers - and bees? Are there flowers or fruit trees in bloom near your garden - and blooming at the same time as the vegetables that are not producing? Weeds can compete with the vegetables for water and nutrients. In my yard, moles like my raised beds the most - especially under a nice row of dripping water - and their tunnels can leave plant roots high and dry.
The early heat we had this summer was hard on some of the plants, but most recovered by late summer. My tomatoes totally stopped producing in the last couple of weeks and that is unusual, so it may be a weather issue.
I will attach a couple of links to good documents that cover the basics - hopefully you will find a clue to your mysterious misfortune.