how to grow taller?

Asked September 6, 2019, 7:48 AM EDT

planted my 6-7ft arverites last year. it is end of summer now. They did not grow taller hardly. Any suggestions. They get full sun in back yard.

Oakland County Michigan

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One year in the ground is not long enough for the plants to come out of transplant shock. What they do first is re-establish their roots in the new soil. In another 1-2 years you should see more growth.

What you can do-

Give your shrubs 1 inch of water per week around the root zone during dry weather from spring to late October, up to when the ground freezes. These evergreens never go completely dormant, and it is important that they have water just before the ground freezes so that they can make it through the winter.

It is best to remove plants or turf in a circle close to the shrubs and mulch this area.

Mulch no deeper than 3 inches with organic mulch, keeping it pulled back from the trunks 2-3 inches. Hand weed this area, so as not to cut, nick or otherwise damage the bark. Do not pile mulch against trees or shrubs. This link explains in detail - the care and mulching applies to all trees and shrubs:

Fertilize in spring according to a soil test result.

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