Anchorage Alaska, Plant, Serviceberry?

Asked September 5, 2019, 4:44 PM EDT


I have had mixed reactions to whether this plant is a serviceberry (Amelanchier alnifolia) or not and am looking for an expert opinion. It is an area of mixed white/black spruce and birch forest with lichen and moss on the forest floor.

Anchorage Alaska

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It is not a serviceberry. Leaves of serviceberry are much more toothed towards the tip. Are there any flowers or fruit on this plant that you could share a picture of? That will help with ID. Also what part of Anchorage?

Here are some more photos which what the flower area looks like, but too late for actual flowers. Found in a moist, but not wet area on Campbell Tract and up the hillside a bit.

hmm. Is the stem woody? I don't immediately recognize this, but we can get closer than a guess. If you can send a closer up picture of the fruits, and a picture of where the leaves attach to the stem.

I took these pictures a few weeks ago so I cannot go back to the Campbell location. But, the red pictures are from today so I could try to get more next week when I am out again.