Hicks Yews and possible winter damage

Asked September 4, 2019, 5:51 PM EDT

Had a question in regards to some Yews that suffered, what I’m thinking was winter damage. Had a landscaping company plant 45 yews late last October. They were in great shape as they were planted. Once the spring approached you could see quite a few of them with lots of dead brown areas. Was questioning if this was winter damage, or not watering enough in November or the plants being planted too low in the ground (root rot). I waited to see how much the shrubs would recover. They did recover quite a bit and pruned some of the brown dead growth that I knew wouldn’t come back. At this point I’ve got some “inner” truck branches that are bare at the bottom but have growth high up on those branches. So lower sections of some branches are bare and farther up the branch have new growth. Just looks unbalanced. If these plants have a 1yr warranty should I have or request they be replaced? Like to know if the lower section growth will come back. Should I prune some of these lower dead branches or leave them alone for now. How to promote growth in the lower bare section near the bottom.

Cook County Illinois

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Hello. Thank you for your question. This can be best answered by your local office. A Master Gardener volunteer or Horticulture educator can assist you. Find your closest office at https://extension.illinois.edu/global/where-we-serve. You may also consider contacting your city arborist.