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Asked September 4, 2019, 3:28 PM EDT

I live in Flint and am attaching photos of the restoration work that was done after my water service line was excavated. The weeds are doing great but the little bit of grass that came up has died I believe from fungus. I’ve never seen a newly seeded area be overtaken by weeds like this. The areas of the old established grass where they got soil and hydro-seed over spray died as well. My neighbor across the street has weeds and fungus too. It’s like this up and down my street. I’m afraid of spreading it to the rest of the lawn and have skipped two mowings in that patch. The might not be a resolution from the city and am asking you to advise me on how I should fix that area. Thank you so much.

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If you have perennial weeds coming up, like dandelion, creeping charlie, wild violet, thistle then I would start by weeding them out or killing everything with a non-selective herbicide. Wait the designated time on the label ( use one that states 7-10 days or less), then follow the lawn renovation steps here-


Do read the link included above about choosing quality seed. It makes a difference.

I think fungus is not going to be an issue once you get seed growing and you water so that your grass doesn’t stand wet overnight.

The next link below describes some steps in more detail. It includes a list of weed control products. MSU Extension doesn’t endorse any brands or retailers. Look at the details for the active ingredient mesotrione( it can be found in several different brands). It can be used at the time of seeding to control weeds, but you must keep it out of flower beds, vegetable gardens, and off trees and shrubs and their roots.


I think if you follow the steps carefully you can have good success. You may want to use a pre-emergent next spring, followed by a weed and feed product in late May, to keep weed at bay until the new grass thickens enough to shade out weed seeds from germinating.

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Thank you so much. I hand pulled all the weeds today. Oh my aching back after four hours. I prefer pulling rather than chemicals. There was a sweet little toad in there. I’d say about 90% came out with the roots. The big clover looking weed was difficult to get the roots. But I do plan on purchasing the products you recommended for the spring. Could you tell me what this weed is? There was a real variety in there. I couldn’t identify this one which was super hardy.there.

I am impressed that you hand weeded!

The weed is common ragweed, and its pollen does cause the ‘hayfever’ response in many folks. Here is a short article


You may continue to hand weed as the grass comes in, or use a product like starter fertilizer with mesotrione in it to suppress many weeds from the start. Based on what you have found, it sounds like your soil has a large seed bank laying dormant( most do) and keeping after the weeds, until the grass is thick, will be wise. Best of luck with your project!