Reseeding new lawn

Asked September 4, 2019, 1:32 PM EDT

We re-graded and seeded about 1,000 sq-ft of new lawn with a tall fescue mix in June. Yes, dumb timing. In some areas the grass grew pretty well, in some it grew poorly. We need to re-seed next week in order to have a decent lawn in the spring.

Problem is the soil looks poor. We had a contractor with trucks of topsoil from a reputable local nursery brought in. The soil looked "clean" when delivered and spread, but now the surface is full of pebbles (see photo). Also the surface looks like it needs to be roughed-up (roto-tilled or the like) in order for the seeds to root, but we don't want to kill all the young grass that did grow. That would feel like completely starting over. Do you have suggestions on what we can do to have a great lawn?

Montgomery County Maryland core aeration lawn

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If you have not tested your soil, this is recommended first. Results will give pH, nutrient deficiencies, and liming information.

There is not much you can do about the pebbles. You will have to leave them especially if your lawn is large.
To provide good seed to soil contact you will have to core aerate, seed, and fertilize according to soil test results. Here is more about lawn care, recommended turfgrass cultivars, and the Md fertilizer schedule