Asked September 3, 2019, 10:48 PM EDT

Tomatoes are turning brown on the bottoms. Even the green ones are. Plants look like they are drying out also, even with hand watering almost ever day.

Lane County Oregon

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Blossom End Rot.
Cause A localized calcium deficiency due to any soil or growing condition that affects calcium uptake. This physiological problem is common, especially in home gardens. Blossom-end rot often occurs when soil moisture fluctuates. If too little calcium is in the soil or if the soil is high in salts, calcium uptake will be impeded, especially under periods of sudden drought stress. Excessive nitrogen applications, especially in the ammonium form, can increase a plant's demand for calcium. Once calcium is used in the plant, it becomes immobilized and cannot be translocated from older tissues to younger, growing tissues, which need calcium.