Best time(s) to install sod in the fall

Asked September 3, 2019, 3:47 PM EDT

I live in Montgomery county and need to sod an area in sun/shade. What would be the earliest/latest times to do it? Thanks,

Montgomery County Maryland lawns and turf sod

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Anytime beginning now and even into November is a good time to lay sod. You should do it before the freezing temperatures set in. Most likely sod would be easier to find now since this is the best time to install it.

The important task is keeping it watered until it takes root.
  • Water the sod immediately after installation. Water to moisten the soil below, but do not overwater. Daily watering may be necessary during the rooting process. Never let the sod dry out during the establishment period.
  • Sod typically roots in 2-3 weeks. Check for rooting by gently lifting a corner of the sod, it there is some resistance roots are growing. New roots will be white. Stay off the sod until it has rooted.