Maple Tree Question

Asked September 3, 2019, 1:51 PM EDT

Hello. We have a client who is concerned about the health of the 40/50 year old maple tree. It appears to have branches dying and mushroom growth. Thank you.

Van Buren County Michigan

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Some branch death is very common in older trees and may or may not mean anything. This tree looks to have been beat around considerably over time and I find it amazing how trees do survive. Mushrooms growing on trees are a red flag and could mean decay, and maybe not. Little to nothing that can be done that can be done about it anyway. Read more here:

Nothing that we can diagnose from this end currently, but if more concerned, consider an evaluation by a Certified Arborist, one who specializes in
everything woody. Find one or more Certified Arborists in your zip code at Click on the Find an Arborist tab. Arborist evaluations are not expensive ad where you can gain the best information concerning tree

Good luck!