When to pick Paw Paws

Asked September 3, 2019, 12:16 PM EDT

A friend and I found a bunch of Paw Paw trees last night. We were wondering when they become ripe here in MD?

Baltimore County Maryland fruit plant care

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Hi- paw paw turns a lighter color green to yellow when ripening (brown spots or streaks may appear) and will be slightly soft when ready to harvest. Ripe fruit usually have a strong aroma.
Some resources:

Thank you for that info. I have seem much o that information online. I was curious when they ripen in this general area. I was trying to not have to go everyday to check on them to not waste gas.


Unfortunately ripening time for a given fruit on a given tree can vary quite a bit depending on the site, level of sunlight, etc. In Baltimore Co. that time period would probably be late September through late October.

Excellent. Thank you.