Decline in Autumn Blaze Maple

Asked September 3, 2019, 10:14 AM EDT

I have noticed this summer the decline of several Autumn Blaze Maples around Bemidji this summer. My daughter has two Autumn Blaze in her yard. The tree located in her backyard all of a sudden had multiple branches in the canopy die back. The tree leafed out beautifully and early this summer leaves throughout the canopy turned brown and died off. I first thought was Anthracnose but upon closer inspection that was ruled out. Thought maybe Verticellium Wilt because there was staining in the vascular tissue but I’m not so sure. Thought Verticellium Wilt was a slower moving disease. I have seen similar symptoms on other Maples in different parts of the city. Any idea what might be impacting these trees?

Beltrami County Minnesota

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While the Maple trees may be diseased a large source of Maple decline has been environmental stress (flooding/drought) or stem girdling which is cause by improper planting.there was just an article in the StarTribune regarding our changing landscape of trees based on our climate changes over time. I have included the link below. I also included a link that shows causes of canopy decline.